Adult Psychotherapy


Change is hard…but with the right guide, it’s not impossible.

We’ve found that many of our patients benefit from having someone to guide them through the process of making a change in their life or overcome a major problem. Psychotherapy is a process where a licensed therapist serves as your guide to help you work through painful emotions and challenging behaviors. When combined with the proper medications, psychotherapy has been proven to support remission of symptoms and increase self-helping behaviors.

At our practice, we offer individual psychotherapy for patients currently taking medications as well as individuals who prefer to work on symptom remission without medications. We work with you in a quiet, confidential environment to both discuss your problems, understand the causes and come up with concrete actions you can take to improve your situation. Our approach is engaged and interactive; multiple sessions may be required to help you become “unstuck” and move on to the next step towards reaching your goal.

Psychotherapy is not only a form of support but a means to gain insights. Perhaps you want to understand why you make various decisions? Feel certain feelings? Repeat certain behaviors? You may also want to learn how to better process events and experiences so you can keep growing as an individual and continue on the path to personal wellness.